Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ma first animation eva!

I'm so excited that I'm trembling while typing this down, just because I had finally learnt how to do an animation by using the 30-days trial Photoshop CS5 I downloaded a few days ago. Behold, the simplest animation ever that even a 7 year-old kid can do, the traditional, old, lame trick someone can do with animation, the blinking eyes!

Click the image to view animation, and a new tab will open up. I think.

I know my drawing looks crappy this time, no, my drawings are not that good other times too, but this is the worst in history. Still, who cares? Not you, you, and you. I'm in a good mood anyways, you can't bring me down.

I have just gone through my first presentation in this semester and it went well. Three cheers for ore-sama!

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